Operators use the cow milking machine matters that should be paid attention to five

by:Desing      2020-03-17
In order to make the quality by the cow milking machine packed milk pass, ensure that the general public's health. Not only requires the operator is trained and qualified, also for operators operating procedures have many requirements. 1, milkman training qualified rear can mount guard, to pay attention to personal hygiene, always in the process of operation with sterilized wet vail wipe clean hands, to be equipped with familiar with milking machine of professional management, maintenance, maintain the cow milking machine. 2, pay attention to health cow milking machine, milking process if the milk cup drop on the ground, take the dirt on the milk cup thoroughly cleaned and then set, so as to avoid pollution of nipple and milk. , stimulation, milk cup, set to use first hand rubbing your breasts, after waiting for cattle have prepared combined with milk cup, avoid by all means is suddenly on the milk cup. 4, note pulsator pulse frequency is too high, the normal pulse frequency 60 to 70 beats per minute. Should be tested once a week pulse frequency, keep pulse frequency stability. 5, milking vacuum degree requirements, vacuum rate is too high, easy to cause damage to the cow nipple. To ensure that the quality of the milk, you must start from the root, meet the cow milking machine cows must be without any disease. Operators must pay attention to detail, to ensure the high quality of raw milk.
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