Our company developed the new special sponge rubber kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-11
My company in order to meet the higher demand of the Chinese and foreign customers, increasing scientific research strength, since march collective research, trial and error, finally developed a new special rubber sponge in August byre pad. According to my company, head of the institute, a new developed special sponge rubber kraal main ingredient for EPDM rubber pad, and production of sponge rubber before stall MATS are essentially different, ageing resistance performance is very good, it embodies the ozone resistance, weather resistance and heat resistance, etc. Can be widely used in industrial area, such as sealing, shock absorption, insulation, printing and dyeing, also can be used in the theatre, the cinema and sound-absorbing, sound insulation of the supermarket. Developed by our company special kraal pad, sponge rubber at home and WaiShi is unique new products, it rolled out, not only for human society, for the rubber products industry has made an important contribution to the world, and to meet our customers a variety of high-grade requirements.
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