Piston transparent milk cow milking machine: solid goods highlights the development of new industries

by:Desing      2020-04-07
Zibo gold walter machinery technology co. , LTD. To provide customers professional piston transparent milk cow milking machine and effective solutions, and more relevant, please visit the website for piston transparent milk cow milking machine relevant information, understand the piston transparent milk cow milking machine: solid goods highlights the development of new industries, and contact phone number:. Related business school of China university of politics and law 13810200590 texu1 wei-hwa lee. Com, QQ number: 458825155, liweihua169 @ 126. Com a lot of investment department of franchise enterprise often have such confusion, namely to consulting a lot of people every day, but what can successfully signed. The most common situation is that average at least three a day, four potential alliance business consulting, but no matter how hard China merchants personnel, how to make the documentary all tricks, torn mouth, finally joined the contract successful probability is very small. What is this? The reason is very complex, in many ways, including the design of the franchise itself, brand leader and the leader of the visibility, leader of the inn, jiamingfei, franchisees, franchisees advance expenditure funds, franchisees of family and other aspects of society and the macro economy and environment. To solve this problem, the joining trader only systematically analysis the problem, and then targeted system to solve, eventually achieve the ideal investment objectives. In these complicated factors, one of the most important investment success or failure is one of the factors to attract investment and consultant, or call to negotiate. On negotiation skills, have a lot of books and articles in a conversation, I will not repeat them here, I only speak a is an important communication strategy of these books and articles, which means that the investment group how to adopt scientific and communicator. When the potential franchisees to join consulting, the franchisor enterprise investment personnel and their means of communication or negotiation is varied, but basically can be divided into three categories: the most common form of written communication ( Including QQ, email, video, snail mail, fax) , the telephone interview, Is divided into two types: one is invited consultant the interview with the headquarters staff, the headquarters is to visit an interview) 。 The communication features of the three kinds of communication mode, detailed in the following table: from the last line of the table you can see clearly that the three communications investment success rate increase gradually, so I put the order in accordance with the three investment success rate ( For the best interview) ,Zhongce( Refers to the telephone communication) And the worst ( Written communication) 。 Best and consultants to the head office to check the 'interview' visit success rate than active consultation, so 'solicit' this way of communication, also known as the best policy. Obviously, in order to improve the final signing rate of investment, the ideal investment negotiations should be taken to the best way to communicate. However, in actual work, the potential franchisees consulting way, or start communication mode is usually written communication or telephone communication, most of the communication is the worst way to start, the best situation in the optimal or sub-optimal solutions, the best way to communicate. Almost no, so, in order to improve the success rate of the total investment, and potential alliance business consulting, investment, if you can quickly put the communication means to upgrade, so the probability will be increase or increase of investment. That is to say, when the potential alliance business consulting, investment staff should adopt the mode of communication between the two sides, decide to make the second choice in the shortest possible time, and then quickly change for the better or the best policy. Of course, if you can be the best or the best directly from a variable, then this is the ideal situation. We can use the diagram is as follows: for example, such as potential franchisees started to use QQ or talk about negotiation, after several rounds of investment personnel should talk to the text in a simple, quickly find opportunity calls, in the shortest possible time, The franchisor will endure somalia's headquarters to make free phone 400800, such as telephone, investment promotion personnel also try not to invite advisor said, because companies usually don't want to make a phone call, but continue to use the low cost of written communication, so investment personnel should take the initiative to telephone consultation; Another advantage at the same time, that is, employees can leave investment consulting contact, create the necessary conditions for the marketing of the follow-up tracking) 。 If you are not willing to provide advisory telephone, according to my experience, most of these companies is not mature or potential franchisees to join, so investment personnel can don't have to waste time success rate is the news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/35。 aspx
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