Plane and flowers on the application of rubber floor is introduced

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Developing in the field of ground material, rubber kraal pad has a very important position. Not so much social progress lead to the development of the ground material industry, as human beings in the material on the application of more and more have their own thinking and innovation. Rubber flooring as a large area of pavement protective building materials in recent decades, increasingly brought to the attention of the masses of customers and love. In the development of rubber floor, from the beginning of a single color, specification, material, etc. , to present a few kinds big dozens of product specifications and features. Focus on today is flat and flower series of rubber floor floor. We found that in the years of sales work, different customer for a certain kind of rubber floor has a unique love. Shipping form a complete set of ground material on hold, choose flame retardant floating point more rubber floor. Excellent wear resistance and character of cigarette calcination, very suitable for large traffic use requirement. While flat rubber floor is used for hospitals, museums and other places. We can find that, whatever the place of application, most attention is the excellent abrasion resistance, no peculiar smell, have certain flame retardant performance. Meet the using demand of the customers also make our factory how to improve the quality of the products and industrial upgrading in a very good idea.
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