Prepare for the career milking machine before the transaction

by:Desing      2020-04-04
Mechanical technology co. , LTD. To achieve perfect solution, milking machine more relevant, please visit the website for milking machine related content, know the affairs of milking machine the preparation before business, welcome to call:. Reading three may enable the company to become peer leader offers the chance of success, basic strategies: overall cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy ( overallcostleadership) Differentiation is single-minded focus ( ) Strategy may sometimes company successfully for multiple method as the basic goal, but it may be very small. To effectively implement the strategy of any basic, it is often necessary to go all out, and with an organization. If the company is the basic goal of more than one, these forces will be scattered. The company's basic strategies can in the competition of the industry, is better than rivals; In some industries structure means that the company could obtain high yield; And in other industries, the success of a basic strategy in absolute terms only the company can accept returns. Total cost leading strategy, cost leadership, actively establish effective scale production facilities, on the basis of the experience to go all out to reduce cost, improving control cost and management cost, minimizing the research and development, services, marketing, advertising and the cost. In order to achieve these goals, we must attach great importance to the management of cost control. Although quality, service, etc, is not to be ignored, but throughout the strategy is to make the theme of the cost is lower than the competition. Although it could be a powerful competitive, companies in low cost position can get a higher than the industry average. Its cost advantage can be protected, competition from rivals, because of its low cost means the company can still get profit, other companies in the competition lose their profits. Low cost position is beneficial to the company under the threat of strong protect itself against the buyer, because the buyer can only be suppressed in the second-level competition pressure to the level of efficiency. Low cost also pose a threat to the defense department, because when dealing with the seller's product prices low cost with high flexibility. Lead to the status of low cost factors are often based on economies of scale or barriers to entry in the form of cost advantage. Finally, the status of the low cost tends to make the company in the position in competition is better than other competitors in the industry of the alternatives. In this way, the low cost can protect the company in all five competitive forces. Negotiations make the profit loss of process efficiency can only continue to reside in the next competition unsustainable, so far, under the pressure of competition, the low efficiency of the competition, in order to meet the trouble. A total of 4 pages: the 1234 - page on the next page this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/18。 aspx
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