Proper use of milking machine accessories can reduce the occurrence of mastitis

by:Desing      2020-03-16
Now many people are concerned about using the milking machine accessories of dairy cow mastitis is likely to cause a problem. Looked from the actual situation of use dairy farm milking machine accessories, as long as the correct selection of milking machine accessories and reasonable use, strengthen management, generally will not increase the incidence of mastitis. Milking machine accessories than other instruments frequently used in dairy, but many farmers are not very understand its function, maintenance, and induce the possibility of mastitis, this leads to dairy farmers to ignore these factors had a lot to do with income. Investigation of mastitis veterinary surgeon at least to the extent of the milking machine and its cause mastitis inspection result or the total number of bacteria and bacteria ( TBCS) Have a basic understanding. This may help identify existing problems, and also can determine whether a milking machine was a causative factor. Good milking machine accessories itself does not directly cause mastitis, yet there are many management factors can make cows breast vulnerable to pathogen infection the occurrence of mastitis. Poor performance of milking machine accessories or improper use or management, can cause breast damaged or increase the chance of cow infected with bacteria. Milking machine accessories use undeserved, can stimulate the cow breast tissue damage, increase the incidence of mastitis. The cleaning and disinfection of the milking machine accessories not strictly can lead to the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and spreading. Milking machine parts constitute the whole of the milking machine. Whether dairy cows suffering from mastitis will affect the quality of the milk, to determine whether milk to sell. In order to ensure that cows don't appear such problems, so the correct use of milking machine accessories in order to reduce the occurrence of mastitis.
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