Prospects of livestock machinery industry

by:Desing      2020-12-29

Animal husbandry machinery is mainly used for all kinds of machinery in the breeding process. Now the state advocates that all industries must be modernized, and the animal husbandry industry is no exception. The two biggest pieces of animal husbandry are milk and meat. The corresponding mechanized milking equipment for dairy cow breeding and the mechanized breeding of pigs and chickens should be considered promising. However, judging from the current situation, foreign machinery is better than domestic animal husbandry machinery in terms of operating difficulty and efficiency. If you are interested in this industry, you can try to contact some foreign animal husbandry machinery more. The advantages of machinery are transformed into domestic products, and the prospect is quite broad.

my country's animal husbandry has entered a new stage of development and is transforming from traditional animal husbandry to modern animal husbandry. The Party Central Committee has specified that it is necessary to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly animal husbandry in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept; build a healthy and people-oriented animal husbandry in harmony between man and nature; and build a sustainable animal husbandry in a circular economy. Under this background, the operation and management methods of animal husbandry enterprises are undergoing revolutionary changes, and animal husbandry products and equipment are undergoing upgrading. This is a challenge facing China's animal husbandry industry, and it also brings unprecedented market opportunities to the animal husbandry industry.
Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Shandong, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia and surrounding areas are important production bases for high-quality livestock products, as well as important production bases for livestock products in the country. These places have a solid animal husbandry foundation, a very active animal husbandry economy, a high degree of industrialization, and have traditional advantages in animal husbandry and processing and rich source resources. Tianjin has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation extending in all directions. It is one of the most developed production and marketing areas for animal husbandry in my country, and an important distribution center for animal husbandry products, technologies, and information throughout the country. It contains broad development prospects and business opportunities for animal husbandry.

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