PVC parapet and common fence are similar and different?

by:Desing      2020-03-30
1, PVC guardrail on the mode of building components, and other common fence is not the same as the basic, common fence mostly raw material is stainless steel, but considering the adopted metal materials connecting turnbuckle, easy oxidation of still, this is the Achilles' heel; There is no material in some non PVC guardrail used ( Physical chemistry) Mortise and tenon joint cohesion is not strong enough. New PVC plastic fence is different, using the unique characteristics of the processing machine, and the corresponding central in equestrian enclosures for the plastic parts, plastic decorative cover, thoroughly eliminate the rust and flimsy, later never rust is the basic sense of the fence, and both conductivity and explosion-proof properties. Take the completeness of PVC racecourse guardrail independent innovation way of tenon interface, make the vertical bar and rung, shaft and column mode completely eliminated the ordinary fence in turnbuckle cohesion part rust the fundamental defect is still a short time. 2, PVC guardrail rung, pillar of the stainless steel is adopted to enhance, choose plastic fixed socket, the installation sequence is very simple, universal ball fixing parts can be finished in a slope and all-round pillar installation surface often new not old, short time than wood toughness. But more rigid and impact resistance safety guarantee for human, can be used for private schools, nurseries, aiming at the racecourse, does not need to paint, not easy discoloration, peeling, crack, bubble, the shattered and insect, self-provided reinforced columns, not lei build by laying bricks or stones stone pillars and reduce the project cost. And stable strength is greater than the stone pedestal installation way. 3, PVC guardrail processing outside the fence surface uneven and rusty fatal defect, we see before guardrail is coating is shattered, rusting, color drab, without burnish, is not beautiful. And PVC plastic barrier USES in the metal extrusion cladding vinyl plastic special-shaped material appearance and plastic mechanical manufacture process, in the surface layer and the whole section to participate in large doses, the different proportion of anti-aging agent, volatility agent, color is gorgeous, luster. 4, PVC guardrail products all central not metal materials, the insulation of the real goods, suitable for residential area, the transformer room, real explosion-proof products, metal fracture strike out sparks, apply to the gas station, real nice smooth product made good abrasion resistance, applicable to the racecourse.
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