PVC parapet compared with other barrier?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
In recent years, the fence PVC material is more and more get the selection of each big small and medium-sized racecourse, compared with wood fence, steel fence, PVC horse farm fence what are the advantages? Bright beautiful beautiful appearance, flexible material, once the attack collision, people, cars damage level is light, guardrail is easy to repair. Compared to the traditional horse farm fence, more decorative effect. Security environmental protection formula, do not fade, outdoor wear, beautiful, free maintenance. And the design is rich. The product can be two columns, three or four bar applied together, also can be used as a barbed wire fence using the highest column. Advantages: no need for paint and maintenance, from your maintenance of hardship and trouble, low comprehensive cost. : making device is easy to install, use the patent of bearing type joining or proprietary parts for installation, greatly enhance the efficiency of the installation. Style: there are two kinds of style, of primitive simplicity style atmosphere, strong function, can maintain the horse from the impact and damage. Environmental protection, safety, environmental protection, the people ( Livestock) Harmless, fit the international environmental protection standard, more outstanding quality. Quality: the product adopts special formula and special uv absorber, not faded, not yellow, not peeling, no crack, no blister, no bug eat by moth, utilizing life can reach more than 15 years. This enterprise PVC parapet product features: 1. Easy to clean - Water pipes can be washed clean. 2. No need to paint. 3. And other plastic products, our fence will not rust, faded yellow may be corrupt. 4. Through strict test, the test can withstand harsh weather conditions. 5. Safety design, no exposed screw, bracket and other risk components. 6. Does not contain toxic substances. 7. Not form the environmental pollution, 100% recyclable. 8. White, brown, beige, grey and other colors to choose from. 9. A variety of optional rail fixed way, make the rail fixed tightly on the status. 10. Unlike other production, our professional design can make the guardrail according to customer's request at any slope, Angle. 11. Installation is simple and convenient.
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