PVC parapet has many advantages?

by:Desing      2020-03-30
1, compared with wood, iron fence, PVC guardrail lumen with square pipe line steel, has sufficient strength and impact resistance, long service life. 2, security, environmental protection, the people ( Livestock) All kinds of doors and harmless, can make beautiful cattle ranches, livestock security fence. 3, variety specification is various, the color bright, both European and American style, fashion and beautiful. 4, installation convenient, greatly enhance the efficiency of the installation. 5, easy to clean, do not need to paint and maintenance, with rain, salt water corrosion resistance, such as PVC lawn guardrail appearance is beautiful: have white, blue, red, green and other color, bright color, smooth surface. Safety, environmental protection, the people ( Livestock) Harmless: surface smooth, feel is exquisite, color bright, high strength, good toughness and choose domestic first-class raw materials, and even did not mean to hit a fence can not hurt like steel, iron fence. Aging test: - 50 ℃ to 70 ℃ using do not fade, no crack, no embrittlement, up to 30 years, free maintenance, not old, no corrosion, not faded, not need routine maintenance, do not pollute the environment. Installation is simple: use the patent of bearing type connection or proprietary connection accessories for installation, convenient and quick, fixation. Cement lawn guardrail selects the high quality cement, sand, steel and other special fertilizer production and become, it is suitable for the residential area, garden, villa. Its products with high strength and folding resistance, bending, tensile, frost resistance, resistance to impact. Its art is strong, smooth lines, the modelling elegant, integrate western art and Oriental verve. Quality of guardrail, fence is made of different specification of wire rod, Wire) Welded together, the diameter of wire rod and intensity directly affects the quality of the mesh, should choose in terms of selected silk is produce by normal manufacturer of high quality wire rod out of products; Followed by mesh welding or compiling process, the main is to look at the technical staff with good yield between mechanical technology and skilled operation ability. Good article guardrail is each general welding or prepare the point can be a good connection. Anping produce some of the regular fence netting, are choose automatic welding machine to produce, while small factory together choose the manual welding, the quality is assurance are commonly. Lawn barrier coating process of whole grasp, generally retainer to whole should pay attention to uniformity of coating, as well as the quality of the coating is also vital, again is the coating process of processing and equipment of advanced level.
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