PVC parapet shaking the cause and the treatment measures

by:Desing      2020-04-01
PVC racecourse guardrail used after long period of time can appear the phenomenon of shaking, what reason causes PVC racecourse guardrail shaking? What is the solution? Reason: 1. PVC horse racecourse guardrail improperly installed at the bottom of the fence post PVC, coupled with the upper without fixed measures; 2. Many indoor building Ma Shuchang households are in accordance with the plastic racecourse guardrail user their own needs to determine the style and status of the guardrail, barrier pillar will occur this racecourse guardrail on the part of the constructed disambiguation is original barrier pillar parts, have been disambiguation, Ma Shuchang embedded parts, usually with bolt, or even with screw racecourse guardrail guardrail cohesion, when join a small, bolt plastic racecourse parapet spacing is too large, and even with screws, stud with such PVC horse farm fence pieces of cohesion, will seem stiffness plastic racecourse guardrail lack shook. Second, the disposal method: ( 1) Install guardrail connecting piece may not be on the floor of the air bottles with wood, wood screw with fixed-angle wooden floor. ( 2) According to the principle of three into a three-dimensional, fixed connecting piece swell screw cannot in the same line, and as far as possible interval is big to strengthen the stability of the connecting pieces. ( 3) Post and join a connection strong, close without clearing, lap length in does not affect the appearance quality of condition as longer as possible. ( 4) Pillar at the top of the handrail should rely on a wall with wall fixed, pay attention to in the process of guardrail construction check of the above three aspects, its at the bottom of the column and the connecting part of the air, after installation available test method to check whether waving, such as motionless, is basically reach the installation requirements. Above is the reason and disposal methods of PVC guardrail shaking, you learned? Hope can help to users.
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