PVC racecourse guardrail 8 eight ask answer questions

by:Desing      2020-03-28
PVC horse farm fence made of what material? It is similar to PVC materials used some of window of model steel door, but the performance is much better. It is of special PVC as the main component of a racecourse guardrail composite materials. Its main material components imported from abroad, can guarantee the guardrail enough intensity and weatherability. PVC is a kind of avirulent, harmless, saving energy and recycling the racetrack fence of green environmental protection material. PVC horse farm fence how to make? PVC parapet by profile, injection molded parts, in a few places still need to use aluminum racetrack enclosures, through special assembled racecourse guardrail tenon connection method. Reach the manufacturing similar racetrack fence cake making process. First of all, will be more than 10 kinds of raw material components are fully mixed, then at the appropriate temperature and time under processing timber; Will enhance material sealing in the profile again, and connection became a guardrail. Strengthen material, sealed off from the atmosphere is any part of the company development and production of a new type PVC guardrail will not rust. PVC parapet will be yellow? Product not yellow, because the entire section are joined in a large number of imports of light, heat stabilizers and uv absorber. PVC horse farm fence will be broken? Company general guardrail products according to the enterprise standard for soft and hard heavy crash test; While the balcony railing at BOCA, certified by ICBO, SBCCI or NES and other international standards for load test of the test facility. Can withstand the impact in general. But it remains to be installed correctly according to company's installation instructions. Such as rupture due to unexpected blow, also very easy to replace. Please note that it is a lifetime warranty. PVC horse farm fence was how? Guardrail can average wind load resistance design. Wind load resistance depends on the size of the columns and horizontal bar of the installation, and barrier model. Article gate sparse guardrail is able to resist wind load. According to the instructions required to install, guardrail can resist wind load properly. Determination of the company's products specially authority, ability to resist wind load. PVC horse farm fence a crisp winter? Most of PVC guardrail soft music performance degradation when frost, but unless you were hit by abnormal in PVC is not ruptured as the frost, craze. The design of the product to adapt to changes in the weather around the south and north China. Northeast and south China using the formula will be different. PVC horse farm fence will heat expansion? The design, consider the factor of heat bilges cold shrink already. How to wash PVC horse farm fence? As with other outdoor products, PVC guardrail will become dirty; But water and detergent + detergent is enough to make it clean like new. Also can use a soft brush or alkaline cleaning. Avoid scrape or rub PVC guardrail surface with good thing
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