Quantitative pouring barrels scales, manual oil drum material flip said

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Quantitative pouring barrels scales, manual oil drum material flip, inverted bucket scale is used to transport oil drum, at the same time can also weighing barrel weight device; Mainly by hydraulic cylinder lifting, hand pressure foot. When light foot more quickly. Overloading situation, with the hand pressure to quickly reach the height of you want. Falls, regulating valve, can according to your speed regulating valve. A reasonable rate of descent to ensure the safety of the users of the goods. The save Labour convenient save trouble. This product is applicable to the factory, workshop, warehouse, station, wharf and goods transportation and stacking, welcome customers call advisory. Inverted bucket scales: inverted bucket scale features: 1, special rolling technology, manufacturing & other C” Type of door frame, strong security. 2, the quality of the oil cylinder, manual/foot lifting height can reach 1500 mm, easily hand pinched his hand down, in order to effectively control the drop speed. 3, 360 degrees, a hand in order to achieve sufficient material. 4, with electronic weighing type, there is zero, peeling, weighing function, high accuracy AD conversion, readability to 3/1000 kg, ac/dc. 5, suitable for chemical, food shop, petroleum, dye, paint, adhesives, cooking oil and other liquid liquid handling, loading and unloading, pour material used, etc. 6, have strong ability to resist corrosion, commonly used in food, chemicals, aquatic products and clean goods handling, can also be used in cold storage, such as the environment. Inverted bucket scale parameters: A/D conversion mode: the double integral A/D conversion rate: 12 ~ 15 times per second A/D conversion: & asymp; 500000 input signal range: 0 ~ 16 video input sensitivity: mv & ge; 1μ Power 8 C V V/e sensor for bridge; I≤ 150mA; Connection number of sensors ( A7) : can pick 1 350 & Omega; Number of sensors connected sensor ( A7 +) : can meet four 350 & Omega; Sensor sensor connection mode: 4 wire testing points degree: 3000 points outside the degree: 7500 resolution: 150000 degree value: 1/2/5/10/20/50 optional display mode: six LED digital tube, 6 status indicator shows the range: 0 ~ 999990 ( d = 10) Serial communication interface ( Optional) Standard selection method: RS232C baud rate: 1200 communication methods: continuous transmission distance: a way to send RS232C & le; Ac power supply: 30 m AC187 ~ 242 v. 49 ~ 51 hz dc power supply: built-in battery DC12V / 2. 8 ah after-sales service: A, pre-sale: 1, according to the customer request real quotation for customers, customers have special requirements in A timely manner to record feedback; 2, conclude a contract for the specification of product order, clear responsibilities and other related matters; 3, offer one year free warranty, life-long maintenance service, responsible for debugging good product before shipment; B, after-sale: 1, if the customer product failure, the first one time to solve the problem for you in the Shanghai area, other place by customer service to provide you with solutions; 2, during the warranty period, the product maintenance free, more than warranty period, also can provide maintenance, if the replacement parts, product parts according to the cost price.
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