Racecourse is the dimensions and caveats

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Circumference of not less than 1600 meters, linear interval is not less than 200 meters. Horse racetrack with some grass, mud, sand, and several kinds of artificial track, wonderful sex for competition, general interval is not less than 1600 meters circumference, linear interval is not less than 200 meters, in Europe the main course is built around the mountain, built more natural geographical conditions, so the up and down slope comparison, straight line is longer, into irregular type circuit. Speed is than horses running speed, riders riding horses ability of a competitive activity. Speed racing has a long history. According to research, in the 7th century BC the ancient Olympic Games held in ancient Greece there are four horses driving competitive race, after more than 40 years, race instead riders drive. It was only as a means of breeding good horses, as long as those in the racetrack performance horses can be used for breeding. Lively racetrack British blood horse is all over the world by three from the Arabian peninsula of Arab male horse breeding. Modern sport originated in Britain, the competition methods and advanced and scientific than the ancient racing organization management, the competition form and development of horse racing, getting in the way of horse racing, cross-country racing, harness, competitions and different varieties such as relay RACES
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