Racetrack fence

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Circular tube type racetrack fence fence type 200 type 50110 a race track racetrack fence racetrack fence splicing device patent no. : ZL 2017 2, 0702336. 1 the racetrack fence panel patent no. : ZL 2017 3, 0233317. 4 racetrack fence connected set of patent no. : ZL 2017 3, 0233133. Type 8200 racing fence fence height 1250 mm, from 2500 m in the column. Fence post the diameter 63 mm high strength carbon steel tube forming an organic whole, after the hot dip galvanized coating, based on 200 mm wide UPVC fence board extruded profiles, the fence board good flexibility, high strength acceptable recovery and rebound after the impact of high strength, high security, safety protection, formed for the rider and the horse racecourse enclosures is in recent years the domestic each big racetrack, the club held large speed universal standard enclosure. Separation fence personnel separation fence is mainly used to separate the safe span between people and horses. Is one of the essential barrier in international large-scale venue. For the safety and beautiful sex have higher requirements. Every Thai joint equestrian club, both home and abroad in accordance with international standards, independently developed a new type of high safety performance, high beautiful sex workers separation barrier. 1. 8 meters high fence PVC fence network separation
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