Racetrack in addition to build fences need to lay?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Specification sand ground fiber and sand ratio of equestrian venue is a systematic project, which is not the fiber and the surfacing process of sand, every Thai engineers first astronomical position and the natural environment to establish field survey, at the same time each basic sampling on the spot, and then back to every Thai suye laboratory analysis, according to the analysis of effect measure site each grassroots use fiber, fiber sand ground base set up again; At the grassroots level to establish the sand on the use of the site in the test analysis and to determine the consequences of sand mixed with fiber ratio, initial again by professional GPS laser automatic flat parts of fiber sand area for pavement construction. Alpine region is not frozen equestrian fiber sand field in cold region, fiber after the summer water spray sand ground freezes without water will have a lot of dust, which greatly influenced the use efficiency of the site, and comfort. How to make the fiber sand ground summer sea ice? Using salt is a very wrong choice, because salt is a very corrosive materials, temporary bubble is in water chestnuts have salt material will soon take off oil, degreasing, a grand sport horses impairments. Every company after years of research and experiment to find a kind of environmental protection non-toxic harmless, consumption levels of additive mixture with every Thai fiber proportionally mixing ratio, sand ground in - can make the fiber , - 5 degrees 10 degrees, - 15 degrees is not frozen, and does not damage the health of the horse. Racetrack special fiber sand track every Thai introduced a racetrack runway dedicated fiber sand, horse racing common fiber sand using decomposition fibers and elastic fibers and sand mixture and stir, at the same time of mixed sand mixed with additives to make fiber and stronger mix in together, have the effect of moisture and maintenance-free high resilience, at the same time you can add different colors such as green, blue, brown make a horse racing track is more beautiful.
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