Raising cattle, what kind of animal husbandry livestool equipment in need

by:Desing      2020-02-14

Intend to raise a cow, cowhouse wants to prepare in advance without doubt, after choosing cowhouse detailed address, cowhouse must prepare in advance what equipment? So let's see. Cattle house should be equipped with straw frame, feed trough, drinking water tank, salt cylinder, mother litter column and other machinery and equipment.

1, the grass Cows love to clean, often refuse to eat crawled forage grass, cattle house grass frame, can reduce the luxury of forage grass waste. The frame can be made into a variety of ways, set by the wall fixed single - and double-sided frame. Can also be set in the playground on the front and back of the grass frame, in the countryside can also be replaced by bamboo basket, basket hole a little larger, after hanging up, the cow can pull the grass out of the basket hole to eat can use bamboo strip (or steel rib) nail into a 'V' shaped iron frame, fixed in the corner or the middle of the column. The grass rack should be 50~70 cm higher than the road surface, not only can't let the cow jump in, but also can let the cow eat the grass.

2. Concentrated feed tank Fine feed trough can be made of strip thick wood board, also can be brick, stone, concrete, etc. When the total number of cattle in the countryside is relatively small, it can be replaced by small jars and stone grooves.

3. Drinking sink Drinking cistern can use a tank, stone trough or concrete trough, if it is conducive to water, cleaning, not easy to be kicked down by cattle.

4, salt barrel Cattle have to be fed with salt to boost their appetite and fill up with minerals. Salt barrel with small bamboo barrels, straightening after 3 ~ 5 cm bamboo barrels 1 root (cows can it contain in the mouth), several holes on the bamboo barrels, irrigation in edible salt, hanging from an altitude of 50-70 cm, let the cattle automatic lick, because salt is easy moisture absorption and deliquescence, therefore not easy from the hole automatic flow out, it does not need daily salt, and it is not easy to extravagance and excess poisoning. When adding edible salt to the refined feed, it is unnecessary to set up the salt cylinder.

5. Mother litter box Two grooves can be used to form a top Angle in the corner of the cowshed, fixed on the wall of the enclosure, arranged in a 1.0-meter 脳 1.5-meter female foal room, for the application of a cow and a cow. Cattle supplementary feeding grid can also be set up in the mother litter, the grid is set with a circular hole, for the cattle into the grid to feed, big cattle can not enter.

To sum up, that is to say, cattle shed needs some machinery and equipment, I hope the above can help you.                                

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