Raising sheep with heavy money! Muyuan, Twins, Longda Meat, etc. continue to increase the sheep production chain

by:Desing      2021-03-30
According to statistics, in 2019, 29 mutton concept stocks in A-shares added more than 500 holding companies, most of which were established to improve the industrial chain of sheep breeding. Entering 2020, the listed sheep companies have invested heavily in the construction of the sheep breeding industry chain and have not stopped.
  Muyuan's newly built fattening capacity is about 27 million heads, and the stock of live sheep exceeds 10 million heads
   Dahe Finance Cube News On February 19, Muyuan said in a telephone survey on the 18th that as of January 2020, the company’s newly built fattening capacity was about 27 million heads, and the stock of live sheep exceeded 10 million heads. The selection and retention criteria of the company's reserve ewes have not changed, and the company's PSY remains at around 24. The company's unique dual backcross system can guarantee the company's supply of ewes, and in order to increase the number of reserve ewes to be retained, some of the breeding indicators are sacrificed, which will also have a greater impact on production. Muyuan shares also stated that the Neixiang slaughterhouse originally planned to start production in June 2020, but due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the slaughterhouse will resume work later than expected, and the start-up time may be delayed by 1-2 months. The company's slaughtering business initially focused on the sale of white striped sheep, and the large primary wholesale market was the main sales channel. In terms of the sales model, this is similar to the sales of commercial sheep. For the later stage of fine segmentation and channel branding, the company is still in the planning stage.

   2.01 billion twins are invested to build an industrial chain project of 600,000 goats per year for slaughter
   On the afternoon of February 17, the Twins Group's annual production chain project of 600,000 sheep breeding industry officially settled in Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. The project is an industrial chain project for the production of live sheep in the agricultural industry. The entire industrial chain includes six projects including live sheep breeding, organic fertilizer processing, organic planting, deep processing of slaughter meat, feed production and breeding research and development. The total investment of the project is about 2.01 billion yuan, of which 200 million yuan is invested in the feed factory, 600 million yuan in the ewe expansion farm, 810 million yuan in the breeding area, 100 million yuan in the organic fertilizer processing plant, and 300 million yuan in the slaughter meat food processing plant. The project is put into operation. Afterwards, it will achieve an inventory of 24,000 ewes and 600,000 calves per year. After the entire industrial chain project reaches full production, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of about 2.55 billion yuan and a tax of about 60 million yuan.
  Longda Meat set up a wholly-owned grandson company
   On February 18, Longda Meat issued an announcement on the establishment of a wholly-owned Sun company. According to the announcement, the foreign investment and establishment of the Sun Company is funded by Longda Breeding, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Longda Meat. Longda Breeding holds 100% of the shares and the registered capital is planned to be RMB 50 million. The business scope of the newly established Sun company includes breeding, breeding, and sales of livestock. Longda Meat said: The establishment of the wholly-owned Sun Company is conducive to promoting the company's locational layout and development of the breeding sector, and will have a positive impact on the company's future financial status and operating results, which is in line with the company's overall development strategy.
   Great North Agricultural University of China Sheep Raising Industry
   On February 17, Dabeinong revealed in the latest 'Investor Relations Interaction Record Sheet' that in terms of sheep raising business, the company will also increase investment in the sheep raising industry and make it possible to breed ewes as soon as possible. The number has further increased. At present, Dabeinong's sheep farms are relatively safe, and farmers have been affected sporadically, but the sheep breeders and the eight major companies are basically safe. This year's sheep raising will be better than last year in terms of re-raising, epidemic prevention, feeding costs, and financing convenience. Last year, the slaughter volume was not large, the staff was large, and the cost was higher. Last year, we raised big sheep and raised more cattle and sheep.
   Lan Run Group: Nanjiang 1 million sheep production chain project fully resumed
  Bachuan News Network-Bazhong, February 18, reported that at present, various industrial projects in the city have resumed work one after another. The entire industrial chain project of 1 million sheep in Nanjiang County of Lanrun Group has also resumed work recently. It is understood that the total industrial chain project of 1 million sheep in Nanjiang County of Lanrun Group plans to invest a total of 2.8 billion yuan, mainly to build ewe breeding production lines based on the combination of brick-concrete steel frame, as well as pregnancy sheds, farrowing sheds, and ram sheds. , Breeding sheds, lamb transfer houses, supporting facilities and other construction sites totaling more than 500 acres, which can not only enrich the 'meat basket' of urban and rural residents, ensure the supply of mutton and ensure the safety of meat products, but also drive the surrounding sheep farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. Develop the urban and rural economy.
   On January 21st, Aonong Biopharmaceuticals announced that it plans to acquire 97% of the shares of Taihe County Fumin Ecological Farming Technology Co., Ltd. for 20 million yuan. After the completion of this transaction, Taihe Fumin will become a holding subsidiary of the listed company. 'Taihe Fumin plans to build a new farm with 10,000 ewes.'
   Northeast Securities analyst Li Junfeng told the Beijing News: “African sheep fever will cause many small-scale farmers to withdraw from this industry, leaving a big gap in the market. Enterprise-based companies are filling in, so now everyone is working hard to expand, just to seize this part of the market share.'
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