Rangeland fence construction standards

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Rangeland ( 牧场) ( A) Larger rangeland in order to let the horse breeding, reproduction mare, 水塘) , pony and so on can get energetic movement and enough herbivorous, will be 5 ~ 10 horse centrally stocking grazing 2 ~ 5 hm2 bureau area up to demand. Pasture on the grass is very good choice not too long, but the foundation is strong grass. Pasture fence height required in 1. More than 5 m. If the fence is made of the rung, lower demand for 60 cm. According to the 1. 5 m, need to take 4 layer rung. The racecourse with metal net is also more recently. The enclosure of the wild plant and the dog to guard against internal intrusion racecourse guardrail is very convenient. Pasture on the four corners of the racecourse fence right Angle and don't make it, and use have certain radian rounded corners. This is in order for running in rangeland racecourse guardrail turn the horse can run smoothly. Put a pasture grass is very good with rice or bean mixture, height is unfavorable and exorbitant. Kentucky bluegrass, alfalfa, white clover ( LadinoClover) More walk a horse, such as the machine is the ideal choice. Due to pasture on the racecourse fence have weeds, so necessary to pull out in time. If have lack to remove all alone, can consider to use herbicides ( 除草剂) , but in the process of using walk a horse machine must be extremely careful. Due to some herbicides racecourse fence have toxins residue. In the shaft diameter of the dowry in fence information must be in more than 12 cm, length over 2 m, 3 m. The rung above 12 cm, the width of more than 3 cm in thickness. ( 2) Smaller rangeland ( 围场) It is necessary to prepare area in 0. 5 ~ small lhm2 rangeland, by horses, grumpy horse and sick or postpartum horses grazing. Kind of horses grazing site also needs the opposite area. ( 3) (the doors of rangeland 门) There are wooden and metal and so on the many kinds of selection. But open rangeland area needs to prepare for the width of the tractor out people at around 4 m of the door leaf. The metal frame embedded metal mesh for the doors of the mainstream. A small walk a horse field ( 阳光Paddok) Also called sun walk a horse field, used for horses sunbathing. Contour points quadrangle, hexagon, octagon, round, such as area will be subject to the horses run up, usually around 5 mx 5 m. Air material USES the ash or sand. Four, other equipment ( A> indoor stadium ( Gymnasium> used in summer or rainy day has just born infant or sick horses stop grazing. Area of about 10 m xl0m up to demand. The indoor stadium can also be used for 1 year old horse of the initial set-up ( 3) Horses, 淸 clean care instruments ( CleaningTools) Horses for nursing instruments of all kinds of brush, foot bottom spoon, cloth to wipe the sweat, hair oil, towels, etc. Cleaner with iron fork, harrows, broom, dung dustpan, dung hook, etc. ( 4) Walk a horse machine ( 步行机) Mare reproduction in the sports and XunZhi, tuning before consumption. ( 5) Breeding station ( 服务的房子) Breeding station equipment in Japan and Europe and the United Kingdom is a bit different, but basically is the same, all demand is both safe and health of the broad space ( 15mx 15m) 。 From the air to the height of the roof needs more than 4 m. Breeding station demand equipment clinic at the same time, reflect room, monitoring room, tool room, etc
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