Reworked material ( Recycling waste) The difference between the guardrail products and new material PVC guardrail products

by:Desing      2020-04-01
PVC reworked material is uncertain due to raw material source, can have a poisonous substances and heavy metal content is ( Such as lead, cadmium) The phenomenon of excessive, the safety of its products cannot be guaranteed. The new PVC raw material goods and formula is understand controllable, so in terms of environmental protection and safety features new material is warranted. 2. PVC reworked material because it is by all sorts of quality difference between grand circle fence and color management inconsistent waste and recycling materials color and functional training circle fence, in the process of reproduction consistent color can't control specification, normally only made deep color; Reworked material products Ma Shuchang looks appearance and inner surface rough, dark without light, color and color set-up circle fence is not uniform, there are many impurities. And new material PVC color is primary color, can use a toner to ChengXiang will track fences color, processed into product color specification Ma Shuchang door, fence light track appearance is exquisite, there will be brightness. 3. PVC reworked material after high temperature melting processing again, repeatedly and waste is set-up circle fence after using uncertainty the length of time. In the process of repeated use and high temperature reprocessing and reworked material brittleness add PVC products, toughness, resistance to pressure to reduce, easy to break, the service life of the product and safety function. So if fit to ensure that the material specifications, do goods safe reliable, reduces the safe hidden trouble, used in engineering construction there is a requirement for strength and security features of PVC commodities must be new PVC raw materials consumption, to ensure product safety, and to reach the using life of booking. 4. Using PVC PVC guardrail products reworked material production, in order to progress fabrication procedure, will take part in many chemical agents (unusual Such as plasticizer, etc. ) , the goods about outdoor use slow chemical decomposition, accelerated aging goods, greatly reduce the using life, and there is a big security hidden danger.
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