Riding a horse sense

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Start to learn riding there are two factors, the most important one is the coach, the second is the horse. In the early, the coach factors important, he has to inspire students' interest, guide the student to feel the horse, and then accused of horse greatly desire. I don't agree with the coach the whole class staring at the students correct posture, hand a little higher, lower leg, and students on horseback is in actually, not care, not form a whole, finally make a whole body sweat, thought horseback riding with pleasure; Some coaches to correct students sit up straight, let the students fell behind a stick, so seemingly back straight, actually practice stiff muscles, also lost horse sense. I have seen such students, horseback Britain for several years, today you could not read from riding on his feeling. Because of the lack of feeling, and the horse is still out, so the horse run, this kind of person can produce fear, hard ran down, horse riding, not to mention to jumping obstacles. Riding urbanite level of education, teach them to speak truth, let him make why equestrian equipment to do so, how to get to experience what this feeling, and then make his equestrian obstacle, watching him for a while, and then correct him from feeling, let him to Ma Shuchang experience, to do again. As for the position, as the training time the accumulation of equestrian obstacle, increase muscle strength, will be better and better. Under the precondition of secure Ma Shuchang households, coach as much as possible to climb the mountain with students, in addition to maintain interest in equestrian equipment, in the mountain, students easy to find the feeling of the 'hold' saddle, get twice the result with half the effort. Learning to ride a horse arrives certain level, will become the first. There are many influence factors in the horse, the age, sex, birth lineages, and so on many levels and health. I think the most important thing for the amateur is the horse's level of education, Level) , good horse to teach the rider a lot of things, it will wait for you at the place higher than yours, you just have to do is to focus on improving myself. In fact, for a beginner a nothing by the education level of the horse, the result is all interested in killing him, finally left the training ground. Professional rider different their task is to find the potential of horse, horse with the help of their technology to progress, this is another kind of feeling. Always hear someone say, dressage too westernised, too boring, false, boring. Between the state seems to be the scenery, can not find the pleasure of riding. This idea is extremely dangerous. Is easy to find out the truth, every friend often wild ride some thrilling, exciting jokes, if we remember these experiences, those 'accidents' are probably many times with life dangerous, but apart from some tough 'accidents', ordinary people can't remember when outing riding fun, because in you can't simply grasp control of the horse, horse, and every time have to do is not prepared to back to when you most of the energy consumption in dealing with all at once, there is no mind to enjoy the surrounding. You are almost impossible to find a received a good education horse in the country because it does not understand, so it also ignore all kinds of action, you can only use those shouts to the fellow villagers and fighting it, the result is no fun. Is the best way to find a suitable club and riders, together on the weekend cart on training their horses for transport, select appropriate country riding, in a very experienced coach tried to ride later, the horse again. Pay special attention to the sports with horses, their height, strength, coupled with excitement after the return to nature, not a trained person, is to sit still. Love horseback riding, but hasn't practiced enough, don't make fun of life. At this point, the reason is clear. Horseback riding, should go to lay a foundation in the training ground, at least do freely outside the control of the release, go to the wild. Good rider in the wild, only need to use feeling, can ride a horse, most energy can find mountain, walking along the river, is really the feeling of riding.
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