Riding is not just a sport, it is a science

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Used in order to achieve the chariot horses in the ancient battlefield moving accuracy and precision, often for a variety of skills and coordination training to horses, then developed into equestrian events. Equestrian competition need riders and horses tacit cooperation, test the horse skills, speed, endurance and the ability to cross obstacle. Riding is not just a sport, it is a science. Fulfill his duties and into the supreme good professional equestrian events when the rider with his horse, horse if what's wrong with the player will lose the qualification to play. The 28th President of the United States Woodrow Wilson once said: 'the sense of responsibility is proportional to the opportunity. 'Equestrian athletes in responsible for yourself treat horses at the same time also should have the sense of responsibility. From choose the horse, a horse, a horse could see a rider with the attitude of the horse. Rider should not only learn self-discipline, but also pay attention to themselves and to perfecting and upgrading of the horse. Riding is a constantly improve, and constantly equestrian barriers beyond sport, with horses, and need to do. Resilient, persistent on the life journey, everyone will suffer the fate playing tricks on. When you're not content to be the slave of fate and failed to take the fate of the throat, must learn to endure. Equestrian bring us a temporary setback, is let us become better myself. Let the pain of failure in patience, let the tears of failure of solidification in patience. Learn to struggle in patience and to pursue in patience, instead of speaking out of turn to give up in adversity. Yesterday I fail, I try to today, tomorrow I will to the other shore of success. Fearless, brave go forward is a kind of spirit, is a kind of power. In the professional game, a rider's psychological quality is quite important also. Can't panic for any reason, because any excuse to chicken out. Severe system at the Olympic Games and the opponent under double pressures of excellent performance, the rider can do is to convince yourself don't be afraid, to complete all the challenges bravely. Equestrian athletes success on the field need to own mind and move the heroic feelings in the world! Road without end, learn learning is a never-ending process, is a process of continued, never stops. Don't regard training as a task, and should see it as a progress opportunity, seize the opportunity, don't understand, ask to master more knowledge of equestrian, laying a solid foundation for the future. Riding is not just a sport, it also contains many of the right values. Great equestrian achievement is a difficult voyage, ebb and flow, never plain sailing, but the courage, perseverance can reached the shore of success.
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