Rotating disc milking equipment daily check items

by:Desing      2020-04-09
Nowadays, as people pursuit of a healthy body is more and more attention, the demand for dairy products is becoming more and more big. Dairy farming scale unceasingly expands, milking equipment is becoming more and more popular. Check cylinder pull on the rope, has broken and closed cup rugged change in time and adjust; Check the cylinder piston, there is a gas leak slow change in time and processing; Check the travel switch, the accumulation of timely processing or to replace; Check whether there is any breakage on rotary central drainage pipeline, the effect of the drain valve; Check whether there is any milk on milk meter scale, found that milk scale timely cleaning; 6. Check set milk, milk cup body, pulse tube, milk tube are in good condition have been broken. Found that change in time; 7. Check into the mouth, the mouth of the cattle safety switch is sensitive. The abrupt stop switch is sensitive. 8. Check whether the console NP4 button sensitive. 9. Check if the vacuum pressure gauge in 42 & plusmn; 1 kpa; 10. Check the milk meter, set milk filling and cleaning effect; 11. To check whether there is leakage phenomenon, breast pump graphite ring breast pump check valve is damaged; 12. Check whether the four wheel drive door activities smoothly, has a complete oil phenomenon. Each gas pipelines leakage, serious wear and tear, and processed in a timely manner; 13. Provisions must be every day cleaning milk meter is clean; 14. Check whether the air inlet device is blocked, in a timely manner; Above is the rotating disc milking equipment need daily check items, hope that users in the process of using milking equipment can reference and flexible use.
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