RS232 interface is widely used in electronic scale industry

by:Desing      2020-03-27
With our selling electronic scales, including an electronic scale is particularly popular with RS232 interface. Then we sell like hot cakes of the electronic scale is why? Today the content of the electronic scale small make up to bring us is that we the RS232 interface is widely used in electronic industry scale. Let everyone know about our this, what is the role a electronic scale with RS232 interface. RS232 interface is in 1970 by the American electronics industry association ( EIA) Joint bell system, modem manufacturer and computer terminals manufacturers make joint used in serial communication standard. Its name is & other; Data terminal equipment ( DTE) And data communications equipment ( DCE) The serial binary data exchange interface between technical standards & throughout; 。 This standard adopts a DB25 connector of 25 feet, the content of the signal for each pin connector is regulated, also is regulated to a variety of signal level. As the equipment of continuous improvement, appeared instead of DB25 DB9 interface, now called the DB9 RS232 interface. So what's the RS232 interface for? The society now is so developed, a lot of customers must have thought of, if the platform balances and computer can together that how the work will be convenient, but now people have realized the idea, but connects a computer to realize electronic scale electronic scale must be able to output a serial port ( Such as: RS - 232 / RS485 / bluetooth, etc. ) 。 Also must have the corresponding computer management software, to electronic scale data management to achieve what you need, For example, to the data statistics, print, store, etc. ) 。 In electronic weighing scale system, the requirement to the weighing display instrument is very strict, first is the speed stability precision and display/show better, followed by electronic scale instrument humanized operation and the function of the output interface and stronger adaptability. The most typical is the RS232 asynchronous serial port output function, its mature technology, can connect computer, large screen display, printer support RS232 serial port, and most of the electronic product support RS232 interface card. So most of the electronic weighing apparatus products are increased by RS232 interface. Most of the manufacturers of electronic scales RS232 interface and output are similar in form, such as: continuous output signal Stream & ndash; — Connect the computer weighing software to record data, connection weight data on a large screen display. Auto weight data stability after output & ndash; — Connect the printer to make it automatically print the weight data. Kpc electronic scale command output & ndash; — Connect computer or printer, artificial control weight data transmission. Cmd computer command output & ndash; — Connect PC and PLC system, to realize the automatic weighing management control. Electronic scales the higher the price, the more its various functions. Such as: electronic balance, its basic support all functions; And electronic platform scale to support electronic scale command output, average weight counter scale does not support RS232 basic functions, basic support electronic scale command output, high precision counting counter scale electronic flat platform scale instrument output basic support RS232 interface. So the emergence of the RS232 interface to electronic scale so that the whole weighing apparatus industry brought huge contribution. Through the understanding of the above content, believe everybody knows we what is the content of today. Today is the content of electronic scales small make up to bring us. In this paper, by the Shanghai heng electronic scale small make up finishing just instrument co. , LTD. , thanks for your support. If you still want to know: how to use electronic scales farmar debug?
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