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by:Desing      2020-05-04
Recently there are many shoe factories to contact me, is thinking of buying rubber sheet for shoe sole. Today he said on this topic than rubber application in footwear. Rubber shoes is a kind of multiple components products, parts of force is not the same, so different parts of the performance requirements of the rubber is different also. For example, contact one of my clients, needs 75 hardness, tensile strength 7. More than 5 million mpa, the elongation at failure rain is equal to 180 degrees and so on. Is this a few main parameters, the colloid is our general average rubber sheet or some better. There is also a kind of situation, the customer just according to the general of the national standard, or the parameters of his previous buyers and generally can not reach the requirements. Because 7. 5 million mpa rubber sheet, already belongs to fine colloid, the proportion of natural rubber will also corresponding increase, prices are soaring, according to the general offer if it's about 15 yuan/kg. Design for rubber parts, rubber formula, in addition, according to their when use of action between outside, still should take into account the relationship between various components, so that the components of organic coordination constitute a unified whole, reach the good cooperation coordination between performance, increase the wear life of the shoes. Since talks, we detailed said that under the rubber factory, for the average shoe factory customer needs processing a few points. First of all, the black shoe soles, rubber shoes with natural rubber/styrene butadiene rubber, natural rubber/styrene butadiene rubber/butadiene rubber, natural rubber, butadiene and use. RSS - is generally selected natural rubber 3 #,RSS - # 4 #, SMR20 number, SCR10, etc. ; Styrene-butadiene rubber generally choose SBR1500 or oil filled styrene-butadiene; Performance requirements of low product can with a small amount of tire tread reclaimed rubber. Cloth cover rubber shoes base gel rate was 37% 42%, the adhesive surface gum rubber shoes sole materials at a rate of 40% 45%; Require the use of the oil resistant NBR and neoprene.
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