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by:Desing      2020-05-04
The subway with a rubber floor is a kind of software is more than the PVC floor high-grade ground material, it is more popular in Europe and the United States and other countries, but is not popular in China, this is mainly because only a handful of domestic manufacturers can produce professional rubber floor. The manufacturer of rubber floor, and its production process requirement is higher, the high cost of raw materials, for some have no ability and qualification of the enterprise, is no way to production. In the domestic manufacturer of rubber floor, and companies are strong, powerful r&d wide can build the most famous of wide rubber floor not only has the characteristics of environmental protection, wear-resisting, safe, beautiful, and the price is lowest, homogeneous product of its kind so wide can produce the subway with a rubber floor with high-quality low-cost attitude set up the rubber flooring industry benchmarking. The subway with a rubber floor is made of is a pure natural green environmental protection material, environmental protection performance is one hundred percent guaranteed, and the procedure of the production process, more wide can company set a strict inspection standards, and by the specialist is responsible for inspection, flawlessly, will be withdrawn from the production line, in order to ensure product quality absolutely. In general, there will be some flavor of raw materials have rubber floor, but the original non-toxic harmless to human body impact, when using, need to maintain adequate ventilation, the smell will dissipate in a short time. At the same time, in order to reduce the original distribution, Ann resistance to treasure company also developed a light layer design of rubber floor, the high-tech building light layer can effectively lock the spread of the original rubber floor, the possibility of further reducing the the original divergence. Wide to the subway on the safe, the performance of a rubber floor also conducted a research and development. Combined with the molecular structure of the rubber floor has the characteristics of a certain degree of elasticity, using the advanced science and surface texture design, make the best sliding coefficient of rubber floor, can effectively guarantee the public places, people in the process of walking exercise flexibility and stability, but also ensure that eliminates the rain and snow because the ground is wet give people the security hidden danger. This feature makes it more suitable in the stream of public places such as train, subway stations and other places of use, the absolute guarantee the safety and security of travel. At the same time, the rubber floor has a matte for the subway and light surface two design. Dumb smooth layer design USES SKID - The brightness of the NON processing technology, make floor strictly control under 35 degrees, applicable Yu Ning jing an elegant environment, such as laboratory, hospital, etc. , will not appear overly reflective effect because of the light. Surface of the light is designed to meet the top-grade decoration, presents luxuriant effect. Being dumb light or light, the surface layer of unique anti-fouling processing technology has been adopted, even if the dust scattered stains, etc. , also only is suspended in the surface layer surface, also can completely remove daub with paper towel.
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