Rubber insulation board is the specification of the explanation

by:Desing      2020-04-09
1 a, appearance. Spot mark depth and height is not beyond 2 rubber sheet thickness and service. Bubbles per square meter, area of less than 1 cm are no more than 5, bubbles between arbitrary two bubble spacing not less than 40 mm. 3. Depth of impurities or rubber sheet thickness and length of 1/6 April. Edge is not neat or shape of the surface width is not beyond 10 mm, length is not beyond the rubber sheet 1/10 of the total length of 5. There is no crack, hardness ( Shao Er A) : 55 - 70 three, tensile strength and elongation at failure: tensile strength ( Mpa) ≥5. 0 250% elongation at failure acuity four, set out ( 150%) Permanent deformation of 25% or less, hot air aging (five 70℃*72h) Six: tensile strength decline of 30% or less, absorbent 1 or less. Seven, electrical insulating function experiment: 5% voltage resistance experiment 1:25 kv ( RMS) Should be no breakdown scene, stick to 1 min, 2 breakdown voltage 35 kv (or experiment RMS)
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