Rubber kraal mat common quality problems and solutions

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Industrial production does not reach the designated position likely to cause cause rubber kraal pad surface of rubber, such as pitting, bubbles, delamination defects. Vulcanization technology is one of the important factors that affect the quality of the rubber kraal pad. With rubber vulcanization process, rubber kraal cushion in the model, the liquidity and the heating process of vulcanization process has great relationship. Rubber stall MATS products: the missing glue causes of semi-finished products consumption, the tablet to rise too fast, flow, there is no good can not seal rubber mould, die poor exhaust conditions, mold temperature is too high. Solutions are: to determine the mold resin, slow down the tablet is rising faster and repeatedly deflated, improve the mold design, reduce the mould temperature, speed up the operation. Rubber kraal pad surface bubbles reason: compound containing sulfide decomposition of gas in the material, processing technology when WoQi, not completely discharge the air in the cavity, mold no vent line. Solution: before clamping repeatedly deflated, mold vent line, extra formulated calcium oxide. Rubber kraal pad surface rough reason: die surface roughness, mixing rubber coke time is too short. Solution for cleaning the mould and prolong the scorch time. Rubber kraal mat the scorch time of rubber, rubber kraal pad and vulcanizing agent, promoter, and various kinds of compound mixing process and after the rubber kraal cushion rubber processing process, with the temperature and time of the scorch time of rubber kraal pad is consumed, charred starting point is more and more close, and even before they can appear partially crosslinked phenomenon, sulfide will give the stable mat of rubber processing difficult. Mixing loss rubber plastic, good liquidity, etc. , this is the process often said coke burning phenomenon. Rolling, extrusion, surface roughness, shrinkage rate is big, dissolve the rubber, adhesive is difficult, when vulcanized rubber filled with cavity not easily, cause rubber kraal mat product appearance of rubber and sponge rubber kraal sulfide phenomenon such as foaming. Sulfide with mold rubber contact with a hot mold time not too long. General products more suitable for processing in 10 - scorch time About 25 min. The Mooney viscosity of the glue is not appropriate can also be vulcanized rubber kraal mat product defects. If the Mooney viscosity of rubber rubber is too high, kraal cushion rubber vulcanization pressure cannot make rubber good flow in the mold, will cause the rubber stall MATS products local starved; Rubber kraal cushion rubber and the skeleton of adhesion is poor, poor blend of rubber and rubber also. In addition, the Mooney viscosity of mixed gum is too low, hadn't completely discharge the air after clamping, rubber will mold vent line and vent plug, because of the air in the mold temperature is poor and has a certain volume, local owe sulfur and bubble scar after vulcanization. General rubber products suitable for processing the Mooney viscosity in the 40 - 65, sponge rubber stall MATS products of Mooney viscosity is lower.
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