Rubber kraal mat creep and stress relaxation, summary of permanent deformation

by:Desing      2020-04-07
Stress relaxation of the bullpen rubber mat under the given constant strain, the stress and reduce the phenomenon of over time. Creep is refers to the rubber kraal pad under the given constant external force or load, the phenomenon of shape change over time, also called the strain relaxation. Refers to the permanent deformation of rubber, kraal pad deformation force removed rubber kraal mat residual deformation. Usually before remove the external force and measurement has certain recovery time. Rubber kraal mat creep and stress relaxation, permanent deformation, etc. These properties are time dependent. Broadly, they are linked each other, however, these properties cannot be used to predict the performance of the other. In other words, the stress relaxation and creep and permanent deformation is special and independent nature. In short/low temperature test, the three properties of vulcanized rubber rubber ( The stress relaxation and creep and permanent deformation) Different, mainly is the result of the viscoelasticity are different. / high temperature for a long time, on the other hand, the test shows that not only because of the different viscoelasticity, and is also the result of the rubber chemical changes in different, these chemical changes including oxidation chain rupture, sulfide oxidation, crosslinking and further. High temperature test can get faster rate of stress relaxation or strain relaxation rate. Sometimes, under the condition of the temperature stress relaxation and creep tests to estimate in a long time at lower temperatures. With high-temperature testing to predict the rubber at lower temperature for long time the behavior of the method of failure, sometimes this is due to the high temperature may be have different chemical and, hot oxygen aging air diffusion rate is also different. In addition, if compare the lab testing environment and the practical application environment, caused the destruction of the other special factors will result different, such as ozone exposure and the factors of sunshine. Stress relaxation test and rubber seal and rubber kraal pad gasket sealing pressure measurement. Some rubber kraal cushion rubber as time goes on, the sealing pressure is lower than other rubber much faster. Conventional compression permanent deformation test cannot predict well the given rubber kraal cushion packing sealing pressure and the stress relaxation test and seal pressure has a more direct relationship, and seals used in the environment of its service life has important influence. For example, some fluid may make rubber stall inflation that affect its apparent stress relaxation, stress relaxation test is therefore put rubber kraal pads seal fluid. Ring samples in the fluid medium stress relaxation tests is the best choice, this is because they offer a higher surface area volume ratio, to achieve faster in testing the swelling equilibrium.
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