Rubber kraal mat density must conform to the rules

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Shenyang anti-static rubber kraal mat stall production staff said rubber mat density is at a certain temperature, ratio of quality and volume of rubber byre mat density cavity when the filling a need to the quality of the rubber kraal pad you need. So rubber kraal mat density must conform to the rules. Usually, adding filler in rubber kraal cushion rubber, carbon black, for example, white carbon black or black pottery soil can improve the density of the rubber. However, increasing the amount of filler can lower the price. And determination of density of the rubber is an important process of quality control, it can be measured due to changes in compound and mixed quality and other reasons caused by the change of rubber kraal cushion rubber. Vulcanized rubber kraal pad sample density can be measured by Archimedes principle and calculation, will stall rubber mat samples respectively in the water and weighed in the air. ISO2781 gives the density of rubber kraal pad sample process in detail. Has a high density of rubber filling a mold of a given size need more rubber, because the rubber byre mat is according to the unit to buy quality raw material, the stable mat and rubber molded products are produced by the fixed volume of the mould, so want to know what rubber kraal mat density of product cost calculation of the rubber is very important. Standards also put forward the special case, for example, if after the vulcanization of rubber hose and cable insulation layer in the measurement of residual air, will lead to incorrect results. In order to overcome this problem, the method of ISO2781 B asked the rubber kraal mat sample cut into small pieces, into the density bottle with analytical balance to weigh.
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