Rubber kraal mat ground construction technology

by:Desing      2020-04-08
( 1) Construction preparation, 2) Construction process inspection and repair to play line, scraping the glue at the grass-roots level to brick rubber floor to clean up, maintenance, paste the skirting board ( 3) The construction method 1) Play line: according to the shop is stuck parts of the actual situation, according to the material specification, play frame line. 2) Scraping gum: in the case of elastic line to complete, increases with the increasing spread, glue not blowing too early. Before scraping gum, and at the grass-roots level should be a layer of base gel, its purpose is to enhance the cohesive force between the rubber floor and at the grass-roots level. Scraping gum from one direction to the other side, the thickness of the adhesive shoulds not be too thick, general control in less than 1 mm. Scraping gum coordinated the speed of the speed of the shop is stuck, blowing over the surface of the adhesive should be quiet for a period of time, the solvent to evaporate. General should master binder surface not sticky fingers when the shop is stuck. 3) Floor brick floor: it mainly controls the three problems, one is the rubber floor is strong, can not have degumming empty drum phenomenon; 2 it is seam of straight, avoid break; Three is the surface level off, clean, must not have uneven and damage and pollution. (1) rubber floor is in place, flap gently with word first, and then with a small roller rolling. Pay attention to the direction of the rolling roller, general appropriate somehow alternates. For flat-fell seam during extrusion of binder, with cotton yarn to clean up in time. (2) the shop is stuck at the speed of mastering the shop is stuck, each stick a piece of, have to take care of before and after, left, right, the relations between the in seam and straight seam lattice method meets the requirements. (3) when there is abnormal blocks, cutting knife cut. But pay attention to the precise size and cut straight. (4) should be pay attention to the edge area and the wall of the shop is stuck. Because these parts easy to dust, and even surface of residual ash. When cleaning, also ignored by marginal part more difficult to operate, so the scraping gum can be more appropriate than other place, flap, flap appropriate strength repeatedly, until the gas out of the bonded solid. (5) cleaning: the shop is stuck to complete timely clean the surface. 6. Maintenance: rubber stick after the floor is spread, it is certain to should have the maintenance time. One is forbidden in the newly paved ground pedestrian walk a lot; The second is to avoid contamination during maintenance or cleaning the surface with water. 4) Stick baseboard: skirting board of paste should be done in the shop is stuck with the ground at the same time. One is a flowing straight; Strong second is binding; 3 it is skirting board of flat-fell seam appropriate flat-fell seam coordinated with the ground. ( 4) Quality control measures to 1) Must strengthen the cantilever slab, found that the error of large plate, to avoid as far as possible, to ensure that does not break. 2) When the shop is stuck in the position of the line of control, skip one, two, after the shop is stuck on a distance, looking back, under the empty place with a rubber floor. In this way, every distance adjustment time, avoid mistakenly sent the cumulative, become obvious staggered joints. ( 5) 1) quality standard Master project (1) used in the rubber surface rubber kraal block varieties, specifications, colors, and the state should comply with the design requirements of the standards. (2) under the surface with a layer of adhesive is firm, do not become warped edge, do not come unglued, no glue. 2) General project (1) rubber kraal cushion layer surface should be clean, colour and lustre is consistent, seam tightly, beautiful. Flat-fell seam in the design, beautiful lines, no glue mark; Closely with the wall, as founder of Yin and Yang. (2) the edge material should be accurate, rigorous edges tidy, flat-fell seam and seam straight. ( 6) Finished product protection of 1) Rubber stall MATS on the ground when completed, should be covered and LanDang, avoid infringement. 2) It is forbidden to directly in rubber stall MATS on the ground when hot, welding, and grey, paint, the iron ladders, scaffolding, etc. , for the above work, reliable protection measures must be taken.
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