Rubber kraal pad aging factors

by:Desing      2020-04-11
1, ozone. The chemical activity of the ozone is much taller than oxygen, greater damage to the sex, it is also a cracking molecular chain attacks, rubber kraal pad but ozone is the function of rubber is different according to the deformation of rubber or not. As for the deformation of rubber ( Mainly unsaturated rubber) When a crack perpendicular to the stress direction, the so-called; Ozone cracking; Effects on the deformation of rubber, only surface oxidation film without cracks. 2, the light. The shorter the light, the greater the energy. Damage effect to the rubber kraal mat is high energy ultraviolet ray. Ultraviolet (uv) in addition to direct cause cracking of rubber molecule chain and crosslinking, rubber for absorbing sunlight and free radicals, trigger and accelerate the oxidation process of chain reaction. Ultraviolet light to play the role of a heating. Its another characteristic (light Unlike thermal effect) Is a major in rubber surface into it. 3, moisture. Water has two aspects: the effect of rubber kraal pad in the moist air in the rain, or soak in the water, and a brief damage, this is due to the group composition such as rubber and water soluble substance in the water extraction dissolved by water. Cause or absorption of hydrolysate. Especially in the replacement of water immersion and atmospheric exposure, will accelerate the damage of the rubber. But in some cases the moisture effect on rubber is not damaged, even has the effect of postponing aging. 4, to mechanical stress. Under the effect of repeated mechanical stress, can make the rubber generates free radicals, molecular chain cracking caused by oxidation chain reaction, a chemical process. Mechanical cracking molecular chain and mechanical activation process. Which can dominate, depending on its location conditions. In addition, a brief makes ozone cracking under stress.
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