Rubber kraal pad and storage of the kinds of considerations

by:Desing      2020-04-07
Rubber kraal mat type variety, production stall any kind of rubber cushion rubber material, are the main body material and a variety of common agent together, forming a multicomponent system material, every component in the positive role. According to the types of rubber and crosslinking, stall in industrial rubber pad is divided into the following categories: category according to the results, such as, heat resistance and oil resistance: ordinary rubber byre, heat-resistant rubber stall MATS, oil resistant rubber kraal pad, heat resistant, oil resistant rubber kraal pad and weather aging resistance rubber kraal chemical medium rubber pad, knight stall MATS, etc. Another kind of rubber kraal mat degree of hardness and softness in points: as ordinary rubber kraal, hard rubber, kraal MATS, semi-rigid plastic board, hard rubber board, micro Kong Jiao board, sponge rubber, foam rubber stall MATS, etc. Rubber material is rubber kraal cushion tension factor, is produced under a lot of pressure, the earlier time is very unstable, easy expansion and the retraction, in the use of the time will pass by and for a short period of time to miss a deadline brilliant normal use, otherwise it is easy to cause the size is not suit the environment. Rubber kraal mat in the storage time is to carefully the following points. First, choice of rubber kraal mat storage warehouse up tension in the place of good ventilation and relatively dry. Second, storing rubber kraal pad location is away from heat and chemicals. Third, storage location to ground and wall more than 20 neri. Fourth, refrain from direct sunlight in insulating rubber stall MATS. Other is there are different kinds of rubber kraal pad, the difference of the rubber kraal pad don't store together, by sulfide species subject differences, solidification temperature field, its shape is also have quite a gap, and even can be due to climate change, the indoor temperature and humidity, thus has changed some of its factors, so as to avoid the quality of the finished rubber kraal pad does not need to impact.
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