Rubber kraal pad characteristics and advantages of the color of the rubber mat

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Color rubber mat is a new kind of pavement material, and the traditional cement ground, wood floor, marble floor, compared to ordinary rubber kraal pad, elastic obvious advantages for the color rubber floor MATS. Also has its own unique characteristics. Is rubber kraal pad below small make up for its characteristics of some conclusion: a, color rubber mat pressure resistance is strong, impact resistance, and the friction coefficient is big, elastic, damping non-slip, has a strong protective performance. Second, the color of rubber mat weatherability, heat resistance performance is good, good insulation rubber kraal mat but also has the very good uv radiation characteristics, can meet the needs of different places. At present, the rubber mat is widely used in kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, a gym, sports venues, to channel, public walkway etc. Three, color rubber mat safety, environmental protection performance is good. Rubber mat is safe, non-toxic, don't worry about negative damage to human body, and won't breed microbes, healthier. Four, color rubber mat, not reflective of the specifications of the diversity, rich color, facing beautiful and easy, to compose a variety of patterns, to meet the needs of the vast majority of people.
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