Rubber kraal pad 'creamy' just good?

by:Desing      2020-04-13
Rubber kraal mat occasionally need squishy, this paper insulation rubber rubber kraal stall MATS and you talk about mat adhesive bonding method. Rubber kraal pad 'creamy' just good? Rubber kraal mat adhesive bonding method is a sticky agent directly evenly mixed in the rubber, when heat vulcanized rubber molding, made with the method of rubber and metal, the process is simple, high efficiency, good bonding strength, stable performance, has been widely used, especially in rubber kraal cushion construction, simple and quick. Direct bonding has the following several kinds of bonding system. 1. Cobalt salt adhesion system in natural rubber rubber, add a small amount of cobalt salt, with copper coated steel wire bonding performance can be improved, especially of galvanized steel wire bonding, the direct bonding agent is the only kind of reinforced adhesion agent. Cobalt salt have used cobalt naphthenate, cobalt stearate, boric acid cobalt, etc, and shall strictly control the amount and select the appropriate combination of accelerator, to achieve the best effect of bonding. 2. Armour and a white bonding between system between the adhesive system, already accelerator H and benzodiazepines, but made from a variety of methyl methyl donor and times of acceptor directly match each other the binder bonding system. Methine acceptor RS for resorcinol and stearic acid 2:1 premixed material, usually with A methyl donor have adhesive or RH. RE for resorcinol with low molecular weight of acetaldehyde condensation compound ( The mole ratio of 1-0. 5) , often used with adhesive A or RH collocation. Six times methyl donor for A hydroxyl methyl ether compound melamine, by melamine and formaldehyde after through etherification, usually used with RE or RS. RH for resorcinol and six methylene amine ( Mole ratio of 1:1) Complex, often with RE or RS use collocation, can also be used alone. Adhesive A and RH should join in, in the late mixed gel temperature should be not higher than 90 ℃. Rubber kraal mat think creamy well is also a live technical, so insulation rubber kraal mat prompt you, buy rubber kraal pad must be done to the professional production units, to ensure the bonding technology of rubber kraal pad. Related: oil resistant rubber kraal pad is different between ABC
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