Rubber kraal pad main sulfide method

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Rubber kraal mat sulfide method is a lot of more phyletic, can be used according to the equipment type, heating medium, and curing process methods are classified. ( 1) Rubber kraal mat heat vulcanized rubber kraal put hot vulcanization method is the most widely used in rubber kraal cushion process sulfide method. Heating is to increase the reactivity, accelerate the cross-linking of an important means. Rubber kraal put hot vulcanization method are many, some first after vulcanization molding, some forming and vulcanization simultaneously ( The wound pressure sulfide) 。 Rubber stall in mat sulfide medium can be divided into direct sulfide method, Jane after curing method, the mixed gas sulfide method, vulcanizing and continuous vulcanization method, etc. ( 2) Rubber byre gasket at room temperature vulcanized rubber byre gasket at room temperature vulcanization method suitable for room temperature and under the condition of no pressure on the occasion of sulfide. For example, the room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber kraal pad belong to this type or adhesives. Usually at room temperature curing adhesives made from two components: curing agent, promoter and inert compound with solvent composition part; Rubber stable mat and fit into the other components such as resin. According to the need to mix. Natural rubber stall MATS and other general-purpose synthetic rubber stall MATS can be made into room temperature vulcanized rubber paste ( Or the sulfur mucilage) 。 Mucilage china-canada dithiocarbamate salts or xanthate salt promoter. The mucilage is often used in the combination of vulcanized rubber and rubber repair stall MATS products.
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