Rubber kraal pad oxidation to room

by:Desing      2020-04-12
Rubber kraal mat protection problem: due to ozone and rubber stall on the surface reaction is in rubber stable MATS, set up barriers to prevent the surface ozone and rubber kraal contact is the protective rubber stall MATS ozone aging methods, the earliest namely physical protection method. Years of practice, found that physical protection method can meet the static use rubber kraal mat products, rubber over the use of dynamic stall MATS products almost meaningless, chemical protection method is the most effective. Physical protective effect and mechanism: the so-called physical protection method is in rubber stall MATS products surface coating a layer of wax, to form a protective film, or paraffin is added in the rubber stall out the rubber mat surface, the way to stop the ozone and rubber kraal pad surface contact. For use with ozone with paraffin wax and microcrystalline wax. Chemical protective effect and its mechanism of rubber kraal pad: chemical protection is stuck to the rubber pad to add organic compounds, with the help of a chemical reaction plays a protective rubber ozone aging method. Has the function of organic compounds called antiozonant chemistry. Practice found that amine antioxidants also has the effect of oxidation resistance to ozone, phenolic antioxidants in addition to the individual variety does not have this effect. About rubber kraal mat antiozonant works, there is no unified, many scholars' studies according to their own often has certain limitation, the mechanism of these mechanisms include: rubber kraal pad removal agent theory, kraal cushion rubber protective film theory, insulating rubber kraal pad stitching, oil resistant rubber kraal pad self-healing theory.
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