Rubber kraal pad what are the advantages compared to the real wood floor

by:Desing      2020-04-13
Current industrial kraal byre, fluorine rubber MATS, rubber conveyor belt, rubber technology has been widely used in many industries, including the rise of rubber kraal pad because exist some shortcomings of real wood floor, because real wood floor is in the heart of the people is better, so a lot of people will choose real wood floor when decorate, but some cannot solve the shortcomings of real wood floor rubber floor can change. Real wood floor due to user home at higher temperature, the cold floor open package, meets the warm air will form a layer of condensed water on the surface. In terms of three layers of solid mu fu joins a floor board, table board with paint, not easy to absorb moisture, and the back is different, no paint, easy to absorb moisture, resulting in the floor back longer, become warped and distortions. And rubber floor cost is low, not excessive consumption of resources, wear-resistant, non-slip, such as antistatic properties as long as the corresponding formula to do adjustment. Like balloons, gloves, latex products molding with impregnation method. Complex products, there are several or even more than 10 parts, you need by forming process, using more precise molding equipment, for the parts will be combined together, such as tire tyre molding, conveyor belt, V belt and other products. The progress of modern science and technology and the emergence of new materials, the injection molding, casting, such as rubber industry new technology has been widely applied, believe in the later development of rubber kraal pad will develop better.
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