Rubber kraal pad what are the standards

by:Desing      2020-04-08
Rubber kraal mat what standards? Below is a summary of rubber kraal plate standards, GB/T 528 vulcanized rubber stall and thermoplastic rubber stall MATS with the determination of tensile properties. GB/T 531 rubber kraal mat sol type A hardness test method. GB/T 1682 vulcanized rubber kraal pad brittleness temperature test method. GB/T 1690 vulcanized rubber kraal pad fluid resistance test method. GB/T 3512 rubber kraal pad hot air aging test method. GB/T 5575 chemical equipment lining with pear flower rubber kraal pad. GB/T 6031 vulcanized rubber stall MATS international hardness measurement ( 30 - - - - - - - 85IRHD) Conventional test method. GB/T 7759 vulcanized rubber kraal pad at room temperature and high temperature deformation under constant compression permanent deformation measurement. GB/T 7762 vulcanized rubber kraal pad resistance to ozone aging test of static stretching experiment method. GB 11176 electrical insulating rubber kraal pad. HG/T 2180 phosphoric acid storage tank lining with natural rubber kraal mat.
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