Rubber kraal pad will be old, years you don't hurt it!

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Rubber kraal pads and people will be old, people rely on anti-aging skincare product, that stall rubber mat should do how? Rubber kraal pad will be old, years you don't hurt it! Nothing more than several rubber kraal mat aging reasons. Hydrolysis or absorb the reason to cause. Soaking in the water and atmospheric exposure under the substitution effect of can accelerate the damage of the rubber. But in some cases the moisture effect on rubber is not damaged, there are even delay the aging effect. Ozone condition on the effects of rubber is different according to the deformation of rubber or not. When the effect on the deformation of rubber ( Mainly unsaturated rubber) When presented with stress effect is the direction of the straight crack, the effect on the deformation of rubber, just appearance generates oxidation film but not cracked. Under the effect of repeated mechanical stress, can let the rubber chain cracking generates free radicals, trigger a chain of oxidation reaction, a chemical process. Mechanical cracking molecular chain and mechanical activation process. Damage effect of another factor on rubber is a high energy ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet (uv) in addition to directly result in the crack of the molecular chain of rubber and crosslinking, rubber by absorbing sunlight and free radicals, ultraviolet light plays a heating effect. Another feature of the light effect, Unlike thermal effect) Is a major in rubber looks into it. Progress can lead to rubber thermal cracking temperature or thermal crosslinking. But the root of the heat effect is still the activation effect. Progress oxygen dispersion speed and activated oxidation reaction, then speed up the rubber oxidation reaction, which is a kind of aging sign of widespread - — The hot oxygen aging. Oxidation is one of the important reason of rubber aging effect. Oxygen free radical in rubber and rubber molecules attack chain reaction, cracking molecular chain attack or excessive cross-linking, lead to rubber function changes. The generation of daily life we discover not hard rubber kraal pad will be aging phenomenon, enterprises and institutions if you want to prolong the life time of the rubber kraal mat have to understand what factors can make rubber kraal pad ageing. Factors affecting rubber kraal pad, of course, not only these, the effect factors of rubber and chemical medium, intending to metal ion, high-energy radiation, electricity and biology etc. Understand the causes of rubber kraal pad aging, the enterprise is more targeted to circumvent. Related: shenyang rubber insulation kraal pad: tell me about rubber products of 'past'
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