Rules of the international horse dressage equestrian ─ halt action standard

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Halt the horse should concentrate hard enough to stand, focus, integrity, not moving. Weight evenly distributed on the limbs, front and hind legs in pairs and neat. Neck lift, ministry, the horsehead slightly ahead in a vertical line, maintain & # 39; The bit & # 39; Posture, and the rider Ma Shuchang hand keep mild, soft contact, quietly bite a mouth, ready to immediately on the slightest indication of the rider. 2. Standing by the rider moderately to strengthen the operation of the seat and legs, make the weight to the hindquarters of the horse, the rider driving the horse towards a softly closed hand, thus in almost but not suddenly stopped at a predetermined position. The halt must pass through a series of half is complete ( Reference to move) 。
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