SCS series electronic scales completely conform to the metrological verification procedures

by:Desing      2020-03-25
SCS series electronic scale, simple light, convenient transportation, USES widely used in warehouse, workshop, storehouse, trade market, site and other places, suitable for small vehicle loading weight. Manufacturing standards: GB/T7723 - 87' Stationary electronic scale & throughout; JJG593 - 97' Digital throughout metrological verification procedures & instructions said; Electronic scales is introduced: the scale main function depends on the weighing instrument, instrument can choose yao hua, MMS, southeast, Tory's more, all the company's instrument has peeled, zero, kg and pounds of conversion, we recommend you to choose: Shanghai yao hua, good quality and function is much, affordable, and there are many different kinds of instrument can choose from. Electronic scale digital tube display color of red or green; Automatic zero tracking; Ac/dc battery, charge Shanghai electronic scale once can be used for 120 hours; Electronic scale have RS232 serial parallel computer interface; Can match screen, is advantageous for the workshop and warehouse weighing readings; Thin scale structure, the overall height 8 ~ 13 mm, impact resistance, the scale body four layers of paint surface treatment; Electronic scale use 4 only high precision, high sensitive professional weighing sensor, weighing stable and accurate; Configure all stainless steel box, high waterproof grade, stable and reliable performance; The above content from http://www. shengchucheng。 com/
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