September purchasing hot section

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Alibaba international standing in September purchase festival just around the corner, every Thai sales department to take this opportunity to set up internal competition, preheat for procurement section. September purchasing section is one of the most important activities of the international standing users, a variety of forms, large customer flow, bring a lot of business opportunities for international station users, past activity data shows its importance to alibaba platform of suppliers. Hangzhou tai suye nature is attached great importance to this event, do enough preparation in advance, early in the sales department is to take this opportunity to develop a sales contest, the preparing of passion. The event set up a rich prize, make the person can obtain the ultimate prize 5 days paid annual leave and travel fund, is attractive. Secondly, in order to promote the enthusiasm of everyone, every into one single person can get a chance to hit a golden eggs, every golden eggs have a small gift, more than 30 a golden eggs are waiting for the arrival of the gold master, in addition, there are more award prizes waiting for you.
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