Several kinds of main rubber compound

by:Desing      2020-04-15
The bullpen pad are extremely valuable high elastic rubber, and other series of excellent properties, but use it simply does not make for national defense, national economy and people's living needs of rubber products. In order to make suitable for actual use requirement of rubber products and improve the process performance in the process of rubber processing, also need to rubber compound, or additives. Below is mainly about several kinds of main compound rubber products: 1. Vulcanizing rubber products mixed with a certain amount of curing agent, the rubber molecules crosslinking up each other, become a mesh structure, thus improve the elasticity of the rubber products and wear resistant force, this change is called vulcanization. The most widely vulcanizing agent of sulfur. And organic sulfur compounds, peroxide, metal oxide, etc. Its breed classification below: the vulcanizing agent some apply only to one or a few rubber, there are also some is universal, suitable for a variety of rubber. For most lines not saturated rubber such as natural rubber, butylbenzene rubber, butyl guess rubber, polybutadience rubber, vulcanizing agent used is the most important element sulfur. The market sale of powdered sulfur, its purity is not less than 99. 5%, ash content shall not be higher than. 。 5%, and shall not contain acid, acid can delay sulfide. Powdered sulfur requirements is easy to disperse and evenly dispersed, in order to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanizates. When adding sulfur rubber, should as far as possible under low temperature, can prevent the mixing plastic sprayed sulfur. Sulfur vulcanization with basin generally is 0. 2 - 6 points, hard glue can be up to 25 40 points. 2. Vulcanization accelerator in it can decompose when heated for reactive molecules, sulfur and rubber molecules can quickly at low temperature crosslinking. Therefore, it can promote rubber vulcanization rate, shorten curing time, reduce sulfur with girl, lower curing temperature, improve the physical and mechanical properties of the rubber. Common inorganic accelerator vulcanization accelerator has such as calcium oxide and magnesium oxide, organic promoter agent, promote D agent (such as promoting M Diphenyl anus) , promote the DM agent ( The arrogant salivary diphenyl sulfide oh) And promote T, M, T, D agent ( Disulfide tetramethyl thiuram) 。 The effectiveness of the organic promoter is higher, since the advent of organic promoter, inorganic promoter use gradually reduce. Expanding application in recent years, however, synthetic rubber, various kinds of synthetic rubber in the sulfur vulcanization, it still occupies a certain position. In rubber production process, often several mixing accelerator, the effect is better than used alone. At present, use according to their chemical structures can be divided into eight categories: solitary, aldehyde amine, sulfur vein, sulfonic acid amine, salivary wow, thiuram and xanthate salt, dithiocarbamate salts. All kinds of organic is not the same on the strength of rubber vulcanization accelerator.
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