Shandong old customers for a mobile electronic scale

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Shandong a old customers because of choose and buy before our electronic scales, feel good using effect, and the high quality and low price, is now calling for a mobile electronic scales. The mobile electronic scales require mesa size is 1 * 1. 2米; Range accuracy is: 1 t / 0. 5 kg, still need to equipped with A12 + E instrument. Our electronic scale salesman after understanding to the customer demand, immediately sent a conform to the requirements of mobile electronic scales to shandong. Just instrument co. , LTD. Is a Shanghai heng electronic scale manufacturer, has a variety of functions design of electronic scales spot supply, if you want to buy electronic scale of users, welcome to call our telephone counseling, special requirements can be customized. Portable electronic scales images: our products have three packs of service, but if the customer to do the following one, will not be a implement three guarantees services. Not in accordance with the requirements for product instruction manual use, maintain undeserved cause damage; 2. Damage is caused because of the reason of the outside world, such as natural disaster in three. Customer dismantles to move, modification, revision, flash and other damage or malfunction; Four. Man-made fault: fall, scratch, breakage, water, be affected with damp be affected with damp, moldy caused by personal errors before buying, please carefully read the above content, please! ! ! Read this article partner also read: constant just remind you select explosion-proof electronic scale details note!
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