Shanghai electronic scale door-to-door pick up the goods

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Shanghai electronic scale door-to-door pick up the goods. Recently Shanghai replacement technology companies to contact said we want to order an electronic scale, the electronic scales require mesa size is 1. 2 * 1. 5 m, the range accuracy need to do 3 t / 1 kg, and need to be equipped with A12E weighing instrument. After a detailed understanding, our company electronic scales the salesman immediately suggests that have stock in accordance with user requirements. So the company personnel to come to see goods, and choose an electronic scale back. Here, thank you very much for the company to our support and trust, in this sincerely wish the company business is thriving, bonanza. Shanghai heng just is electronic scale manufacturers, not only has the function of a variety of different models of electronic scale spot supply, also can be customized according to user requirements, if you want to buy electronic scale of users, welcome to contact our company advisory. Electronic scale of choose and buy hotline: 021 - 67689703! Electronic scale images: Shanghai heng just after that: 1, according to consumer demand, on the use of technical guidance; 2, to ensure that the maintenance spare parts supply; 3, Shanghai heng just custom made regular phone pays a return visit for consumers or the door back; 4, for the products & other; Throughout the warranty &; , that is, the repair, replacement or return Many people think that the product after-sales service for & other; Throughout the warranty &; This is a kind of special understanding) ; 5, deal with letters and telephone visiting complaints, solve consumer consultation. At the same time in various ways the views of consumers on product quality, and improve in time according to the situation.
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