Shangrao in jiangxi province livestock scale has place the order

by:Desing      2020-03-29
Shangrao in jiangxi province livestock scale has order; Has jiangxi yiyang some farm contact to say to want to buy a livestock scale, selects the stainless steel material production, can say seven, eight big cow, mesa size: 2 * 2 m, but also can peel, accumulative total. After a detailed understanding, our company salesman showed that our livestock scale can meet user requirements, after constantly learn to co-operate, finally won the order; Shanghai heng just is livestock scale manufacturers, not only has a variety of different design function of livestock scale spot supply, special needs can also be non-standard custom, for details please contact: - 021 67689703 for consultation. Livestock scale images: constant just services: constant just service principle: the constant just electronic product warranty are 12 months, during the warranty period the supplier will be free repair and replacement of damaged parts belong to the quality reason, warranty parts damaged, only accept cost, provide fittings by the buyer's equipment damage caused by human factors, the supplier repair or provide fittings are at the cost price. Constant just service target: the service quality to win customer satisfaction, constant just service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful, complete,
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