Shanxi yulong into power wuhan racing brand to the next level

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Wuhan - - - - - - - Horse racing history of wuhan has more than 100 years. In wuhan, hankou was established in 1902 by the British colonial - first the turf - - - - - - West, racetrack, due to the race course run by the British, americans are obvious discrimination, annoyed the land king, after four years of wuhan land king liu YanSheng cooperation established the Chinese businessman racetrack with people. Wuhan since then have their own race. 1924 businessmen wulf, chun-sheng wu and others established wuhan second racecourse, the nations hippodrome. Number three racecourse gathered in wuhan, in the country, wuhan is also called 'the horse' reputation spread. Wuhan racing scene in the early 20th century into the new century a national wuhan started in 2003 the only business events and 'wuhan racing festival in wuhan. Since 2011, wuhan racing into the routinization, held once every half a month. Into the normalized, all events are carried out in accordance with the commercial racing process. Has been operating 8 years in a row, wuhan open speed racing has become a city of wuhan business card. Speed racing season on Saturday in wuhan wuhan Oriental international racetrack in wuhan speed racing open the second half of the season, 2017, at the appointed time as 10 sports brand competition in wuhan, wuhan open speed racing will continue to play in the east town fast and the furious. Wuhan open speed racing this year have been into the normalized 8 years, eight years of wuhan open speed racing have in Oriental opened the launching of more than 500 games, wuhan has also become the domestic speed RACES last the longest from the city. Wuhan open speed racing also become the brand of wuhan, east town is to the horse racing industry in our country has trained numerous talents, including champion jockey and trainer. Yulong into shanxi yulong, founded in 2008, jade dragon 1 into investment. 500 million yuan on the yulong Ma Yuan, and has 1600 m standard speed racing track, and advanced the end of the timing device and a high standard of business executive team racing events. Yulong who, after nearly 10 years of development has become a domestic racecourse guardrail horse racing industry, one of the leaders in this year is $15 million bonus to build domestic high level and high level of commercialization - speed racing events - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Yulong international open speed racing. The Derby bonuses and domestic bonuses. Combining the power of China horse racing to the next level as China city of wuhan and the shanxi yulong down the cooperation can be said to be the power-and-power union, for the development of the horse racing industry in China will bring huge role in promoting. Yulong qiu dong season game will also bring to wuhan on the higher level, more exciting game. Will also boost wuhan forge don horse fans watching activity. This cooperation will boost wuhan racing brand development and the development of yulong international open speed racing.
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