Share good experience, can assign a new development - — Remember the stable sales guo in linan cross-border electrical contractor's industrial park to carry out the exchange of experience

by:Desing      2020-03-30
On July 25, every jin-yu guo tai suye co. , LTD. Sales department vice President invited to cross-border electricity industrial park, linan share with alibaba platform, small and medium-sized enterprises of foreign trade sales experience. Has engaged in decades of deep history and rich experience in international trade, since 2014, after joining every Thai suye co. , LTD. Hangzhou, lead the sales team in the fledgling jin-yu guo vice President, his bravery in the see the smoke of the foreign trade market, speakers, double every Thai sales year after year growth. Outstanding sales achievement, cannot leave the high quality product support. Hangzhou every Thai suye as the industry well-known equestrian fence manufacturers, uphold the 'quality' of the production concept, providing customers with high strength, high toughness, high weatherability, high service life of the fence. High quality products with jin-yu guo, vice President of sales strategy correctly, make every Thai plastic industry production of equestrian fences are sold at home and abroad, has now become a rider racetrack in Inner Mongolia, shanxi yulong into racetrack, Hong Kong will training base, training base of Hohhot, ordos racetrack, xinjiang datang western racetrack, yangzhou wanfu brake large horse racing venues such as one of the biggest suppliers. Every Thai suye proud achievement, amid concern. Alibaba is hereby invited to cross-border electricity industrial park, linan jin-yu guo vice President for its experience sharing platform of small and medium-sized enterprises. As rationalism wheel in the foreign trade industry veteran, jin-yu guo, deputy chief from the customer development, customer tracking, price negotiations, the three aspects, explains in detail how to develop and track customer in international market, and to emphasize should pay attention to collect customer related issues, solving method, sum up experience and constantly improve, can have the effect of 'see' the following instead. The share the detail, dry goods, has received the present the enthusiastic response of the audience, but also shows that Thai suye helpful, supportive of corporate social responsibility and selfless spirit of sharing.
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