Shenyang rubber insulation kraal mat is what requirements for 'bedroom'

by:Desing      2020-04-02
Shenyang rubber insulation kraal pads and people have asked about 'living environment', this is not it melodramatic, but because of its production technology and special features, so shenyang rubber insulation kraal pad to the dormitory what are the requirements? Insulation rubber stall MATS mainly of rubber material, he is under a lot of pressure, and at first was very unstable, easy expansion and the retraction, when used to after remission can normal use for a short period of time, otherwise it is easy to cause the size is not suitable. When insulating rubber mat storage should pay attention to the following points. First, insulating rubber stall MATS storage warehouse must first choice in the place of good ventilation and relatively dry. Second, the position of the storage insulation rubber kraal pad must be away from heat and chemicals. The third storage location, distance to the ground and wall more than 20. Fourth, avoid direct sunlight in insulating rubber stall MATS. In addition there are different kinds of stall is rubber mat, different rubber kraal pad don't store together, because of sulfide type body, curing temperature range, its shape is also have quite a gap, even because of climate change, the indoor temperature and humidity, which changed some of its components, in order to avoid unnecessary in the quality of the finished rubber kraal pad. Related: intravenous drip out to thousands of miles, the difference between the rubber kraal pad technology shall not be careless
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